Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the “Build the Future” Campaign?

“Build the Future” is a 36-hour online fundraising campaign. It’s an opportunity for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends to show their support for academics, athletics and every program in between. Our goal for this campaign is to raise $100,000.

Last year, we set out to raise $75,000 in honor of our 75th anniversary, and our generous alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends exceeding our expectations by giving over $90,000 to the Cal Poly Pomona programs that meant the most to them!


How does it work?

Any individual or business can make a gift to any area on campus or to the area of greatest need.  There is no maximum gift.  All donations are tax deductible.


Can I send in a gift by phone or mail?

In order for your gift to count toward the “Build the Future” campaign, it must be made online from 9 a.m. October 9 to 9 p.m. October 10. Of course, this isn’t the only opportunity to give to Cal Poly Pomona. Outside of the “Build the Future” campaign, there are many other ways to support Cal Poly Pomona.


Do you accept recurring gifts?

You can make a recurring gift online at  Please note the initial payment must be made from 9 am October 9 to 9 pm October 10 to count toward the “Build the Future” campaign.


How can I help get the word out?

We will be updating our progress on this website, through email and on Facebook. Please forward or share all of our updates to help spread the word!

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