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We would like to thank our generous anonymous donor for their $6,000 matching gift, and we would like to thank YOU for using every last cent of it!

Rose Float Lab Match

Double your gift of $100 to $1000 to the Rose Float Lab Building Fund thanks to a $15,000 match from alumna, Michele Gendreau!

College of Business Match

Double your gift of $100 to $1000 to the College of Business thanks to a $5000 match from alumnus, Ronald Vargas!

The Michael and Betty Ortiz Legacy Endowment

In honor of President Ortiz's last year, the Alumni Association will be matching all gifts of $100-$1000 to The Michael and Betty Ortiz Legacy Endowment.
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  • The Alumni Association

    A special thanks to the Alumni Association for their $10,000 match to gifts of $100-1000 to the President's Legacy Endowment.

    Bronco Athletics

    With your help, the Broncos are ready to dominate this season! Check out their website for schedules and updates. See you at the game!

    The College of Agriculture

    The annual Pumpkin Festival is right around the corner! Come see what the College of Agriculture is up to.

    The College of Business

    A special thanks to Ronald Vargas for his generous $5000 gift to match all gifts of $100-$1000 designated anywhere within the College of Business!

    The Collins College

    The Collins College is adding a new building! Check it out and learn more about this year's Collins College events.

    Education and Integrative Studies

    The College of Education and Integrative Studies is making an impact on the future educators of California and our local community!

    Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

    The All-Steinway School Initiative is going strong, but is still in need of your support! Learn more about it and see what else the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences is up to.

    The College of Engineering

    Congratulations to the SAE Formula Racing Team for yet another successful competition season!

    Environmental Design

    Come check out the latest updates for the College of Environmental Design!

    The College of Science

    The College of Science is ready for another successful year! Come check out the college's programs.

    Build the Future Facts

    Want to learn more about the 36-hour Build the Future campaign? Find your answers here!


    We would like to thank all of this year's generous donors! We couldn't Build the Future without your help.